Assembly or Production Problems

Using its varied skills and resources, HVT is able to provide unique services for electronics manufacturers throughout a product life cycle. For example, HVT provides product testing and engineering, contract assembly (quick-turn prototypes and small run manufacturing), and fulfills ECNs and rework implementation for electronic components. Some examples are highlighted below. All custom services are performed to the same high quality standards as our core services.

If you have an electronics problem that needs to be solved, tell us about it at or call 770-495-4881. Most likely, we can help.

ECN Implementation

Occasionally, an engineering change notice (ECN) needs to be emplemented long after a product has been shipped. For example, a manufacturer may be required to add ferrite beads to conform to emissions requirements, or replace defective electrolytic capacitor.

Often, the manufacturer will send a team of rework technicians from the factory—typically located in China, Taiwan, Korea or Japan—to a service depot and implement the ECN. Other times, they will ask a service provider such as HVT to perform the rework. In either case, HVT can work with the OEM or system integrator to provide the logistics support required.

We've found that HVT's quality of work can be higher than the quality obtained from factory technicians, since the factory technicians lack field environment experience.

Rework Implementation

Similar to ECN implementation, rework implementation requires facilties, expertise and logistics support for the rework. Whether the rework is required by the OEM or the system integrator, HVT can deliver a customized solution.