More than 400,000 LCD Panels Repaired

We repair most LCD panels. Almost all defects can be repaired provided the parts are available and the glass itself is not damaged. Typical applications for this repair are point of sale and signature capture panels; LCD panels for laptops and handheld devices; and marine, automotive, and gaming panels.

Our service is typically after-warranty services for manufacturers, OEMs, systems integrators and other volume service providers. We do not accept service requests directly from the end user.

In addition to standard repair services, HVT offers a full range of specialty services for LCD panels, including:

HVT repairs or remanufactures defective LCD panels to each customer's exact specification and design requirement. The defective panels submitted to HVT are serviced, and then returned to the customer for replacement inventory. The repaired panels cost less than new panels, so an ample supply of repaired panels is the most cost-effective method of maintaining service parts supply.

By using state-of-the-art, production-quality equipment and applying custom-engineered fixtures, HVT delivers repaired units that have a consistent high quality and reliability—generally exceeding the original manufacturer specifications.

HVT offers a full six-month workmanship warranty on al repaired LCD panels, with quick turn times and very high yields.

Prior to accepting an LCD panel for repair, HVT engineers analyze the panel to determine the repair feasibility. After passing our engineering analysis, we build custom tooling that ensures cost-effective and precision repair, and establish parts supply. Then we are ready to begin servicing the particular LCD panel.

Getting Started

For new accounts, please contact or call 770-495-4881 for initial account start-up. There is no start-up cost to the customer.

For LCD panels that we aren't already servicing, there are three steps to getting started:

  1. Provide one working LCD module
  2. Provide one defective unit for destructive testing
  3. Provide average monthly quantity and your current cost.

Following receipt of the above items, HVT conducts two feasibility studies at no cost to you: an engineering analysis, and a cost analysis. The results will help you make the best decision for your company.


"In the past, when our company policy was to throw away LCDs, our costs relating to lead time, shipping costs, and required stock levels were a major concern for the entire company. Now, with the HVT solution of servicing the LCD, our turnaround time, cost of repair vs. replacement, and inventory have been cut by an amount that cannot be measured in terms of customer satisfaction.

"We had expected to purchase large quantities of [LCD product] with a lead-time of 80 days. HVT offered repair on an as-needed basis; their turn time is averaging 5-7 working days and we have saved money."

"HVT has helped us save...just on one end-of-life Signature Capture LCD display since March 2004. We are very pleased with the service."

"We have an 80% recovery rate on LCDs. This saves real dollars. It also helps extend the service of product after end-of-life and reduces the cost of last-time buys. For us, the deciding factor was the lead-time for service, cost of service, and professionalism of the entire HVT staff."

"HVT is repairing four different LCD products for us. Their turnaround time is phenomenal!...It's a pleasure to have such great customer service."